The First Kiss

“What’s your expectations for your first kiss?”. I never really expected anything and trust me if you don’t LOVE a girl it wouldn’t be as special. At first, you would just think it would be just two sensory organ touching but no. It’s not like that.

It was a day just like any other. Laid back… as usual. Being an awkward potato, I asked her if we could meet up after classes. and so we did! I didn’t really plan anything. Again, I asked her a very weird question. Weird but something that I didn’t regret. “May I kiss you?”. She simply said YES. She explains how it’s just two “tissues” touching. So I asked her to sit down next to me and I went in for the kiss. She was shocked as if her logic didn’t apply to her. She was reddest I’ve seen her. She was flustered. I laughed lightly and did it. It was the best feeling I’ve felt. I couldn’t believe it. Her soft lips touching mine. It was heaven.

So for me, The first kiss with the one you love is the only one that truly matters.

(Art was done by me :D)


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