Special Days

It was October 31 2027. It was me and my wife’s special day. Normally you would expect a morning with your wife in your arms and both of you would wake up and say “Good Morning” to each other. Well instead, what I got was “I’m sorry honey it’s urgent I’ll be back later”. I’d be mad or sad or something. Instead,  I said “Go ahead I have to finish something anyways”. As she went out and closed the door. I dressed up and also left the house. I walked to a nearby flower shop and asked for a bouquet made out of Roses, Lilies, Orchids and lastly Hyacinths. The shop keeper hastily gave me the bouquet and said “I’m sorry for your loss”. I let out a slight smile and said “It’s her favorite kinds of flowers”. I carried the bouquet home and placed it down on the table next to the couch. I proceeded to my office and typed a couple of letters and sent them to their respective owners… but I printed the last special one. I let out a sigh of pain and discomfort. I took a candle and lit it up on the table then proceeded to place the letter next to the bouquet. The pain on my lungs was unbearable. She never did notice. I laid myself down on the couch.

“This is much comfier than I remember”

I smiled as tears started to fall down my eyes. With my final breath I said “I love you and I’m sorry…”.



I finally went home after helping some in need of a heart transplant. I let out a huge sigh and said “How come I can save lives but still can’t… spend time with him… You know what time for me to take my leave” I went to the office and asked for a vacation and they gave me one. I hastily gone home and saw him lying on the couch. I tried waking up and whispered “Wakey wakey… I have a surprise for you”. Tears went down my face as I checked his pulse. “HEY I’M NOT LIKING THIS PRANK… SO PLEASE WAKE UP ALREADY”…. I cried and cried and cried… I saw the letter… along with the bouquet… “heh *sniff* you dork” I said as I read the letter.

“Hey Berlin,

You would probably think this is another one of those things I usually do. You know different kinds of pranks and twist on our anniversary. Well let’s just say the dream 11 years ago actually came true. Please don’t cry. I want you to stay alive for me. I don’t want you to close your heart just because I’m gone. I’m sorry for… having the worst anniversary gift. I’m sorry for having you stress about me when you’re busy at work. I’m sorry for interfering with your decisions. Looks like I’m the one saying sorry a lot now. I should really be saying thank you. I have no good qualities. I’m lazy. Heck I’m just simple chef. Yet….you stayed. Thank you for staying. Thank you for making me happy when I’m sad. Thank you for trying so hard. Thank you for everything. I really appreciate everything you’ve done. I have so much more to tell you but it’s almost time for be to lay down. Thank you for being alive and Wifey…
See you in our next life”
I grabbed his cold pale hands and said “Happy Anniversary… Please come back”

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