It was a bright yellow-orange afternoon. As the sun slowly sets, I laid down at my cozy hammock hanging at the tree in the yard. I can feel at ease knowing that another great day has passed. I just graduated yesterday and as I see the beautiful sunset slowly lowering down to the great blue horizon I said “It feels great that I’m going to be a high school student next school year.” or so I thought….

A bright blue-green light blinded me… the sky why lit up as if I was looking at another galaxy through a telescope. It keeps getting larger and larger. Things are getting worse and worse every second. The electricity went out, cars suddenly broke and it’s getting hotter every second.

It’s already midnight but the light just gets bigger and scarier.As the light changed the midnight blue sky into an aurora blue-green with a terrifying bright light heading towards earth. Then IT happens. This night just turned for the worst

It HIT the earth as I saw the thick black smoke in the supposedly blue horizon. I can’t go and just stand in the open knowing it might get me killed. I went in my small house closed every possible opening and tried to save every family member as possible from the mysterious light.

It hit the house no electricity, no technology whatsoever… It’s just me and the darkness. What was once a bright room, became pitch black. I tried standing up but I kept falling over.

“I-I can’t see” I said as I got blinded by a bright brownish light. I walked up to it and found the door. Broken and shattered, I opened it and saw the outside.

All I saw was a devastated wasteland. From a lively natural environment to a nuclear waste of a planet. All the plants and trees have withered. No signs of people nor my family anywhere.

I was devastated….but crying won’t get me anywhere

At this moment. My life has started…


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