NASA: REPORT 20XX 03-18-xx

//The radio turned on//

A static voice came through.

“Hello? Anyone alive? If you are here’s a live report of what happened”

“The brilliant flash of an exploding star’s shockwave—what astronomers call the “shock breakout”or also known as — has hit earth.”

“Star “WISE 0855-0715″ released a massive shock breakout as it dies astronomers said that this didn’t cause a —”

//the radio went static for a few moments//

“Supernovae like these — known as Type II — begin when the internal furnace of a star runs out of nuclear fuel causing its core to collapse as gravity takes over.—”

//the radio is going to die soon//

“The Type II Supernova has the capability to melt steel in open areas like—”

//the radio died//
//You picked up the radio because you think it would come handy someday//


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